At Sammamish Children's School, we focus on nurturing the whole child: physically, socially, academically and emotionally.
Hands on learning

Hands-On Learning

Our kids learn through hands-on experiences otherwise known as discovery-based learning. [more]


Reading, Writing and more

Program Flexibility

Our programs include language, practical life activities, science, social studies, music and math. [more]

Our staff excels

Our Teachers Excel

Our dedicated teachers encourage and support the students to explore and discover their world and develop the foundations of social and academic skills. [more]

Nurture sound bodies

Nurture Sound Bodies

Kids play outside every day in attractive, covered and open-air outdoor areas. [more]

"It's a tremendous source of peace knowing that if I have to be away from my children, they're in the best possible environment at Sammamish Children's school. The staff, the teachers, the facility and the curriculum are incredible. I feel very fortunate to have my children in such a wonderful school."   --Amber K.